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Matic and Mantra DAO collaborate to improve the DeFi space opportunities

By Inkarias - 2020-10-16

Well-known projects team from Matic and from the most recent but still successful entity Mantra DAO shared the latest community-incentives within the DeFi field. Matic Network has personally chosen MANTRA DAO to be a Foundation or namely a Public Node in the Matic ecosystem. While users encountered unprecedent gas fees increase during the last few months with the rise of DeFi, Matic Network’s promising solution enables to drastically reduce the cost of gas fees . Moreover, the Matic Network already has integrated various dApps into its ecosystem, from DeFi applications to NFTs collectible to game applications. The innovative meta-governance token PowerPool has even conducted experiments on Matic Network and observed massive savings for its users in the process. In short , Matic Network is a layer-2 scaling solution that achieves a secure, scalable and interoperable product with a focus on great user experience. Using Matic, developers can create products that compete with CeFi, scaling via a myriad of sidechains to handle transactions via various protocols implemented within this all-in-one ecosystem.

Mantra DAO as a long-term partner

Validator nodes are key components in the Matic Network. As a validator node, OM token holders will be able to link their OM account with their MATIC address, delegate their MATIC to the MANTRA DAO node, and earn validator rewards from the Matic Network as well as liquidity mine OM tokens on the RioChain. MATIC is set to be added as collateral in future DeFi products on the MANTRA DAO ecosystem. Matic Foundation has also agreed to delegate an amount of MATIC equal to 50% of the MATIC assets delegated by the MANTRA DAO community. Those additional staking rewards will support a Matic community grant program that OM Sherpas in the MANTRA DAO community will be able to vote on to fund exciting new projects.

The information on this new partnership can be read in details at https://mantradao.com/