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Matic Network launches validator advisory board

By Inkarias - 2020-12-25

After the recent launch of phase 3 of the mainnet and the news around staking functionalities, the Matic project is moving more and more towards a total decentralization of the network by preparing the launch of the validator advisory board to distribute governance and decisions. for the long term. This step is all the more important to put in place since at the end of phase 3, the foundation nodes will be removed to make way for independent third parties: the external validators.

This "outsourcing" of power will strengthen the current stability of the network while evolving Matic over time with deeper support from the community. The evolution will be proposed and then decided jointly between the Matic teams and the validators through proposals that will be discussed on a monthly basis, both on the technical and administrative aspects. The assembly that will represent the entire community will be promoted by 15 members in total. However, when it is launched, only 9 validator seats will be occupied and then increase this quota during the next periods. The complete list of the first external validators joining this group can be viewed at:https://blog.matic.network/matic-network-validator-advisory-board-overseeing-the-advancement-of-a-secure-and-healthy-network/

As stated by the Matic team:

The Board will be apprised of the latest developments happening on Matic Network via monthly calls between the Advisory Board and Matic team to discuss topics such as Matic Improvement Proposals (MIPs), governance decisions, and feedback/suggestions to improve the network activity, stability and security. 

Each proposal or idea that will be included in the current list will be prioritized and classified according to its degree of importance or priority, ranging from green or yellow codes for respectively average or minimum priorities to a red code for measures/evolution to be integrated as quickly as possible.