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Midas announces upcoming version 2.0 with updates and additional features

By Rafał - 2019-02-12

Recently, Midas has sustained quite a bit of damage and has experienced panic sell due to many different problems such as platform issue, buyback, price issue and the biggest of them all, the Flinecoin issue. Midas has been up on its toe and has been working hard to scale down the chaos caused in the community and the market. Midas has fixed the issues with the wallets and the servers and has cut down the damage being caused by the PoS exploit attack.
Midas has announced the upcoming update 2.0 which will bring changes and upgradations to platform, coin, buyback and add some additional features.

Platform updates

Midas will be implementing radical changes to its inner masternode optimization. It will transfer all the masternodes to its new automated docker system which will add flexibility to the administering system and make the updating process much simpler. The new system is expected to increase the ROI for many coins as it will distribute rewards to PoS address with the right stake value. The platform will also be monitored 24 hours by the Midas team to increase stability.
Midas is also planning to launch “BTC in” system this week which will enable buying of coins directly on the platform, thus adding liquidity to the platform. “BTC out” will also be launched later which will enable users to sell their coins and place sell orders.

Midas Coin Update

PoS fake attack issue will be fixed with the upcoming update as the earlier fix created by Midas was not effective. Midas will be implementing the transparency structure on its buybacks. The buybacks will be done every week at random time and community will be able to monitor it through special dedicated channel created for it.
“BTC in” and “BTC out” systems installed with incubator programme and Flinecoin project will provide a new source of income to the Midas Project and help in achieving the goal of 1 BTC buybacks per week.
Midas will get their coin listed on one more exchange before they make their way to the coinmarketcap. The idea of listing on Cryptopia has been discarded by the team due to withdrawal issues and its inability to back up every balance.
With all the above implementations and planning, Midas aims to increase the value of its native coin and stabilize the platform after all the difficulties which has raised in the last couple of weeks.
Detailed info on the upcoming Midas update can be found here: