• Market Cap
    $1,991.720B 0.08%
  • POW Market Cap
    $1,388.629B -1.12%
  • POS Market Cap
    $190.453B -2.07%
  • Masternodes Market Cap
    $5.769B -1.72%

Midas exchange, first DEX on Birake network

By Rafał - 2018-12-24

Midas.Investments is an instant share masternode platform. Their goal is to create full investment cycle which, according to them, has three steps: analytics, investment process and possibility to trade coins within the platform, which was the hardest for them. Midas.Investments and Birake partnerships to complete the last step of Midas investment cycle.

The Birake's white-labeled exchange solution perfectly fits the needs of Midas.Investments. And the high reputation of both coins forms the strong alliance and long-term partnerships.

Birake will develop DEX for Midas.Investments. It will be the first exchange, except Birake of course, on their network. 


The exchange launch is planned for 8th of January. For now there are only two coins on the Birake exchnage but it will change soon. Multiple coins will be listed before Midas exchange launch. This partnership is definitely great for both sides. 

It looks like that Birake is going to start 2019 great! 


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