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Midas InstantBuy, a new solution for common interest

By RafaƂ - 2019-06-13

Midas.Investments is a user-friendly secure investment platform with various investment instruments, such as masternodes, proof of stake, trading bots and many more. Midas Team works to bring a simplified and easy to use user interface to help investors and partners to find their way in the immense crypto currency worlds and especially masternodes based projects.
Midas.Investments launches today its new innovative service, InstantBuy allowing the various investors of the platform to have a range of investment solutions simple and fast to use. Users will have the opportunity to purchase coins directly and instantly on the midas platform and generate revenue in the form of BTC, which will bring them a significant increase in the liquidity and volume of their projects. This addition is a major development for the group and its partners offering unparalleled simplicity for partners and investors, while significantly improving the user experience in the world of crypto currencies and masternodes.
The first step in this direction will be the integration of MIDAS and FLN currencies into this service once an agreement has been reached with the FLN team. The main added value of the InstantBuy service will be the free listing for projects already listed on Midas.Investments!

The benefits for all parties

Project investors will be able to quickly and instantly purchase the currency of their choice, while earning rewards by holding and trading the same currencies. Instead of introducing trading fees on the platform, the Midas team offers users the opportunity to earn a cashback by actively trading the currencies of the platform. Cashback will quickly increase the volume and liquidity of projects.
This solution will also allow projects to meet their financial needs. The actual lack of funding for some projects jeopardizes the development and long-term vision of these projects. With InstantBuy, projects are provided with an agreed percentage of the BTC generated from the sale of their coins consistently and funding to continue the development.
Furthermore, projects based on masternodes often see their prices fall rapidly, a movement accelerated by the desire for investors' return on investment. This system will reverse the trend in the market and provide sustainable support for the various partners of Midas. Finally, in addition to providing a complete and intuitive ecosystem for users, this solution offers a new use-case for the MIDAS currency.
Check Midas at: https://midas.investments