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Midas.Investments released Burn-out feature

By Inkarias - 2019-10-08

Since a while, Midas has launched Midas Lock-in that enables investors to get zero fees across all investments on the platform while enjoying the benefits of a growing investment.

Lock-in upgrade

Users must buy 250 Midas to upgrade their Lock-in and once done will begin to receive part of the next Burn-out activation.
Those 250 Midas will split into two distinctive parts. The first one will be burnt, increasing the overall price of Midas and removing coins out from the total existing supply. The second part is split between previous/passed activations of Burn-out. The split between burn and rewards are changing. If more people activated Burn-out the last time, then less coins are burned. In that way the team keeps control on the inflation and on how many coins any investor receives.

Incentives to join

The lock-in offers numerous advantages for investors and bring another aspect of investment. The sooner you’ll invest and the sooner you’ll benefit from new investors and burn-out activations. The lock-in offers regular and lifetime payouts of Midas, while increasing the global usage of the coin.
The team plans to add features on top of Burn-out, such as airdrops, making it attractive by its own aspect and features. Finally, the referral link is tied to Burn-out encourages users to join the process. As the team shared:

To receive it you need to activate Burn-out. For each user who registered and activated Burn-out using your link you will receive 75 Midas coins, which is $25 at the moment!


In the future, the team wish to upgrade Burn-out, providing new opportunities for referral links and many more features. The next step after this major release is to reach several exchanges for a listing. The Midas community might be able to see the currency listed on another exchange in the upcoming weeks.
You can activate Burn-out here: https://midas.investments/profile/zerofee
More information at https://midas.investments