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Midas Launches Zero Fee Platform With Midas Lock-In

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-04-10

Midas has been a trail blazer since its launch in 2018 bringing the consciousness of a Masternode network and its potentials to more people.

The platform has launched a zero fee investment platform alongside its revolutionary Midas Lock-in that enables investors to get zero fees across all investments.

In a recent blog post, the platform explained how this was made possible. The project which has been promoted as having the capacity to change the face of masternode codes requires holding 150 MIDAS coins in the MIDAS Lock-in to enable zero fees for the account perpetually.

MIDAS in the MIDAS Lock-in does not generate passive income instead the reward from these is burned to generate more value through the diminishing of the supply, consequently the MIDAS in the lock-in increase in value.

Activating MIDAS Lock-in is easy to do by simply logging into your account and clicking on the new “Zero Fee” button. The MIDAS Lock-in management dashboard would load on which you should click on “Activate Lock-in”. A new wallet distinct from your MIDAS share would also be generated at this point.

This is when you send the required MIDAS to the wallet through the exchange or through your MIDAS share.

Midas zero fee

The essence of the Zero fees platform is to ensure that investors derive the full benefits from the revolutionary masternode platform and do so at no extra cost.


The MIDAS team according to the post expects the Lock-in to be well received by the Masternode investors because it provides unbeatable value not seen on any other platform. The improvement of the MIDAS utility is another added advantage. Considering that it leads to burning MIDAS, there’s no doubt that it would be a contributory factor to higher values for the coin.


The team emphasized that it is an ongoing project that would be enhanced to meet individual needs and expectations, however, they hopes to study individual user data before working on an upgraded version of the project.


Among the other benefits of the enhancements is the diversification of income streams for the platform. The new innovation has made it possible for MIDAS to generate revenues from nine streams, an accomplishment that most platforms can only dream of.


Check Midas platform at: https://midas.investments