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Midas new Burn-out program bonuses

By Inkarias - 2019-11-06

As we previously introduced in our last article during October, the core team of Midas.Investments has launched a burn program. More recently, Midas team announced the addition of new bonuses within this existing program, which, for reminder enables investors to get zero fees across all investments on the platform while enjoying the benefits of a growing investment. Both lock-in and burn features are tied to each other and offer a great passive income for the whole community.

Bonuses in detail

From 5th november, each member of the Burn-out will participate in the random distribution of Midas and partnership project airdrops. Every day , the team will give 10 MIDAS to one random person among all participants.
The detailed report will then be published directly on Midas official discord in the dedicated channel: « burn-out-airdrops ». The first person chosen to receive this bonus for the 5th november has already been chosen and contacted. The development of the burn-out landing page and presentation materials for mass distribution has been entirely completed. Midas is also currently negotiating with several promoters who are ready to introduce the Midas currency into their portfolios.
The team has also launched another bounty at the same time : the feedback paid bounty. Users will be able to help both the team and the entire midas ecosystem by sharing their vision and ideas regarding recent updates and improvements. A special dedicated channel has also been created on discord to centralize all the ideas.
These programs are a great incentive to join the Midas community : With constant coin burn , less supply will remain in circulation, thus, the price of Midas on the market will be greatly affected by these changes.
More information at https://midas.investments