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Midas starts InstantBuy Presale Insurance for its community

By Inkarias - 2019-10-02

Every investor should feel safe and comfortable investing in various presale coins. Instead, users often find themselves on the wrong end, facing a scamming and shady project who have exited even before the first exchange listing. Midas team believes these experiences heavily impact investor confidence in other legitimate projects and the entire masternode space as a whole. In that way, Midas is launching InstantBuy presale insurance. This will have two layers to benefit the Midas community while solving the trust problem in a lot of existing projects.

The details

  • From now on , all listed coins in presale will have completed Midas’ full review process and will show sufficient promise and structure to earn a listing to InstantBuy in presale phase.
  • Midas will only begin to provide BTC to projects after the completion of a final audit to ensure the seriousness of the project but also after the listing on the exchange. If a project/coin scams before this launch or does not pass the final audit, investors will receive their BTC back to their Midas account, and the coins and any rewards received will be deducted from the investors balance directly. The process is simple and fully managed by Midas’ team
  • If a coin does not pass this final audit or scams before the full launch, the coin will be delisted from Midas platform and InstantBuy directly without notice. This is to ensure investors security at all time.

Important notice

For an investor to qualify for InstantBuy presale insurance, coins must have been purchased from InstantBuy (not purchased from the project and deposited) and the investor must not have withdrawn any coins before the full launch.

Midas group has launched the InstantBuy presale insurance to help users of the platform and general investors to gain confidence investing in the brightest young projects and to bring greater results. With this solution, Midas community can freely invest in the projects of their choice while enjoying security for the protection of the funds.

More information available at https://midas.investments/