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Neo Blockchain course introduced to St Petersburg State University

By Inkarias - 2019-11-21

Top existing projects in the crypto sphere always seek to bring crypto currencies and blockchain to a worldwide adoption by bringing numerous uses cases for daily use. Neo make a step forward in that direction and has recently launched a new course entitled “Software Development Using Neo Blockchain Technology” in the St Petersburg State University in St Petersburg, Russia. The course aims to provide insights into distributed ledger in general and Neo technology in particular, and help students building skills in developing with core components of Neo technology. Saint Petersburg State University was first established in 1724 and has a long history of science and technology education and is especially well-regarded in Russia and overseas for the focus and quality brought to computer science programs.

About the topics

The course will offer the basic knowledge about blockchain technology and will introduce in further details all the Neo ecosystem:

  • What blockchains are and how they differ from each other and introduction to consensus
  • Environment deployment, development and testing tools
  • Practice of data storage in a distributed ledger
  • Complete understanding of the neo blockchain in order to create a private Neo network
  • Smart contracts with Neo: structure, architecture and use cases
  • Neo Dapp framework, demonstration of a Dapp and how to deploy on testnet and mainnet

By attending the course, students will also be equipped with basic blockchain concepts and important components of the Neo blockchain: wallets, smart contracts and Dapps. Students will also get their hands on the Neo private net, choose the smart contract construction method that is most suitable for the implementation of a project, design various wallets and basic Dapps based on the Neo blockchain.

More details about this course at https://neo.org/