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Neo Foundation and Gumi Cryptos Partner To Promote Japanese Blockchain Industry

By Rafał - 2019-08-23

There has been a recent ambitious move by the China based Neo Foundation Limited and the Japanese company, Gumi Cryptos to promote blockchain concerns in Japan. This has led to a partnership between the two organizations which believe that they have the experience, skills and capabilities to influence the Japanese opinion about the blockchain industry.
Neo is a decentralized platform that has smart contract capabilities. It has been praised as the Chinese version of Ethereum because it could host decentralized applications (dApps) and has even gone further in the field of tokenization of assets. The public blockchain’s NEP-5 standards enables the building and issuance of token while enabling users or developers to self-manage their platforms.
Gumi would work at promoting the Neo project on the Japanese market with the view to highlight the move towards the next generation internet. The whole idea is to grant Neo a solid entry into the market which has proved favorable even prior to the recent partnership.
Gumi Cryptos has a strategic vision of becoming a major player in the Japanese blockchain industry. This is the drive behind the company’s move towards alliances with foreign blockchain concerns that have the necessary structures that meets the company’s objectives.
Gumi has been a dominant player in the decentralized gaming industry and the hope of the partners is that the decentralized web would give gamers more control over their activities while giving them better gaming experience. The diversification and building of a more optimized web is the vision of the partnership and it is their belief that it would help accomplish the aspirations of the partnership.
The CEO of Gumi Cryptos Inc. Hironao Kunimitsu said that the cooperation is the part of the company’s objective of promoting the blockchain technology in Japan through technological exchange with overseas companies.
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