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New ARK Grants program aims to put the focus on community developers

By Inkarias - 2020-03-26

The core team of Ark project is proud to announce the newest developer incentive program, ARK Grants , replacing the current ‘Tier 0’ Program and allowing the growing community of developers to apply for funding towards ARK based Proofs of Concept, Desktop Wallet plugins, and full production-ready applications. To kick things off, 1 million ARK has been seeded into the program from the official ARK Shield development fund. From the Development and Security bounties to the current Tier 0 program, Ark team has a wide range of opportunities for developers to get involved in the community and get paid to contribute to ARK ecosystem. The ARK Grants program is an expansion and refinement of the current offerings and will replace the Tier 0 program with a more robust and refined structure as well as a war chest of funds to show the dedication to the community and the ARK Ecosystem.

The type of project included

The ARK Grants program has been seeded with 1 million ARK tokens to spur development by the community in the following areas:

  • Proofs-of-Concept is a small exercise to test the design idea or assumption’. When diving deeper into new technologies and frameworks, these POCs serve a valuable purpose in educating developers through concrete examples.
  • ARK Desktop Wallet Plugins. The ARK Desktop Wallet was recently upgraded with a plugin manager system. This manager builds on existing features by adding a more intuitive interface, allowing users to install, use, and update plugins.
  • Production Ready Solutions. The ARK Grants program can also be used to fund or help fund full-fledged blockchain solutions that utilize ARK technology. These projects would be complete and deployed for use with either the ARK Public Network or an ARK bridgechain. They would aim to gather real users and truly show ARK technology in action.
More details on this program can be found at https://ark.io/