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New Birake website.

By Rafał - 2018-11-22

Last days for Birake project was great. Birake White Label Exchange is almost ready, team announced that they are going to Inside Fintech conference in Korea, price and volume of BIR increased and also, new website was released.


At new.birake.com we can find a lot of details about coin listing  and exchange packages. 

(Note: The Exchange Platform prices and listing fees can be revised/adjusted until the full release of the White Label Exchange)


Listing/adding of coin on Birake exchange:


KYC verification is mandatory to list a coin on Birake Exchange Network along with some other requirements such as:


  1. Coin name & Coin Ticker.

  2. Email Address.

  3. Direct communication channel.

  4. Official website & whitepaper link.

  5. Bitcointalk ANN page link.

  6. Logo etc.

As other exchanges, Birake also charges some listing fees. You can choose from the given three options:


  1. 0 BTC promo – paying with your coins (for Airdrops/Promotions)

  2. Standard 0,6 BTC (two weeks)

  3. Fast-Track 1,2 BTC (48h listing)

Requirements for setting up exchange:


  1. Client must go through basic KYC verification process to verify his/her identity.

  2. Signed contract which shall be sent by Birake should be signed by the client and sent back.

  3. No technical knowledge is required.

  4. Clients must provide Birake with their branding, icon and content to setup the exchange.

  5. Exchange platform with standard functionality is ready within 2 weeks. Further customisations can be done according to client’s requirements.

Birake exchanges options

If the fees will not change until platform release the cheapest package costs 110 000 BIR. For the most expensive version clients have to pay 500 000 BIR.



To checkout new Birake website and its live product (White Label exchange) and for more information visit the links given below: