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New Block DX website is live

By Rafał - 2019-11-24

Block DX is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) to offer ultra-trustless trading via wallets controlled by users. Users run the wallets of the digital assets needed to trade on their own computer, meaning they never have to trust a 3rd party with the funds, ensuring a full security and reliability. When a trade is made on Block DX, every transaction occurs between this kind of secure wallets. In short, as specified on the official website, Block DX is a decentralized exchange dApp. The exchange is powered by Blocknet, a blockchain interoperability protocol project that enables communication, interaction, and exchange between different public and private blockchains. BLOCK is the token used to pay fees for the services on Blocknet's network, including decentralized exchange, decentralized off-chain oracle data, decentralized SPV network, and decentralized microservices.


Our new Block DX website is now live! This website will serve as a dedicated Block DX product page and informational source so the exchange can continue to grow as a product.https://t.co/hE4whzHvVf

We're looking forward to seeing where the website will be shared! pic.twitter.com/yf2fc4mehx

— Block DX (@BlockDXExchange) November 23, 2019

A new website to monetize an innovative product

The team has recently shared the new Block DX website to public, available at this address https://blockdx.com/. The website is a dedicated Block DX product page and informational source so the exchange can continue to grow as a product. The team wishes to improve the current functionalities offered with the system. The vision of this product is to completely decentralize the four components of a DEX, as most of the exchanges associated as DEX are closer to be a hybrid solution rather than a true DEX:
  • Deposits: Funds under control during the process
  • Order broadcasting: Orders are broadcast directly from each trader and the order book is compiled locally instead of relying on a central order book service.
  • Order matching: Orders are matched directly between traders.
  • Settlement: No involvement of a third part or intermediary. For the trade, an atomic swap automatically takes place.
More information about BlockDX at https://blocknet.co/block-dx/