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New Dash Website Goes Live

By Rafał - 2019-03-02

The new dash.org website has been launched and is live now. The revamped website has a whole new look with a proper balance of user-friendliness, professionalism and aesthetic visuality. With this update, Dash has designed a new consistent information structure having four different groups of users namely Individuals, Businesses, Developers and Community which makes it easier for its users to access the required information without any hazzle or wasting time.
DASH new website
The new branding approved in mid-2018 has also been implemented and a touch of lifestyle images with custom illustrations on top of some of the pages has been included to protrude its user-friendliness and easily approachable nature. The new site setup offers high flexibility and is easy to update, while keeping in place the solidity and security of the system.
This is version 0 of the website and the work is still in progress. Many improvements are yet to be made by the Dash Core team. The next planned updates will eventually include:
New languages
More exchanges, price and volume information
InstantSend filter
More DAPI content in developers’ section
More product information
More module in the business section.
There are still some migration issues and problems with the find-an-atm page and the team is presently focusing on fixing them. In case of any suggestions, bugs or typos, Dash has requested its community to send a word about them through the support desk.
To checkout Dash revamped website and for detailed information on the same, visit