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New feature on GIN platform

By Rafał - 2018-11-14

GIN added new, very useful feature to their platform. Now users do not need to buy GIN coins on the exchanges, they can do it directly on the website.

The "Deposit altcoins" button is now available to refill your #GIN balance with BTC/BCH/ETH/ZEN and other popular currencies by exchanging them to $GIN at market value. pic.twitter.com/VCyiFXBoQE

— GIN Platform (@gincoin_crypto) November 14, 2018
GIN platform users can refill their balances with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Lisk or even DIVX. At this moment there are over 50 cryptocurrencies available. How is that work?
User choose which currency he wants to deposit, then he have 1 hour to transfer coins to given adress. That is all. The whole process is automatic, after confirmations system is exchanging deposited currency on GIN.
This is very "comfortable" for users but can that feature affect price of Gin Coin? There are no details about how that exchanging looks like. Are these coins bought at the exchange or GIN already have them and will be selling them in "closed ecosystem"? They will be selling coins and then that coins return to them as a fee and they can sell them again and again. New users that can not afford GIN masternode can use that function and never buy GIN coins at the exchanges.