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    $1,646.193B 5.04%
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    $1,167.241B 2.64%
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    $143.075B 2.64%
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    $3.319B -0.91%

New Logis Coin wallet.

By Rafał - 2018-11-02

Logis Coin update
There are some problems with new Logis Coin wallet. Join LGS discord channel for more info and do not transfer coins!

Logis Coin made new version of wallet. Every user need to update his wallet until November 7.

Logis Coin v2.0 have new interface. Developers fix all errors in the code and used latest version of PIVX wallet. It includes Zerocoin protocol instead of Obfuscation which was in old wallet.


This is mandatory update so, if you have Logis Coin wallet on Windows or at VPS you need to update it until November 7. The instruction how to update wallets you can find at Logis Coin discord channel.


You can find new version at https://github.com/lgsproject/LogisCoin/releases