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NEXO in a Strong Daily Uptrend

By Lorenzo - 2019-09-17

NEXO is a lending platform that uses the blockchain technology to ensure users have 100% ownership of their assets without exchange fees.
NEXO has been in a daily uptrend for almost 2 weeks now and the bulls are showing no signs of stopping just yet. NEXO is trading above the 12 and 26-Day EMA’s which have crossed bullish on the NEXO/BTC chart.
NEXO/BTC chart
The bulls are currently for another leg up since the RSI did cool off a little bit with the recent consolidation move. On the 4-Hour chart, the bulls did lose the uptrend but set a nice support level at 0.00000841 and they are looking to change the trend again as they are currently trading above the EMA’s which just crossed bullish again.
The weekly NEXO/BTC chart is in a downtrend though and the bulls are currently attempting to break above the 12-Day EMA at 0.00000897.
The daily NEXO/USDT chart looks pretty strong with a huge growth of around 50% in just 15 days. The bulls are enjoying a nice and steady uptrend while trading above the EMA’s which have crossed bullish. They are currently trying to set a low at $0.086 and seek continuation afterward.