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Nexo rewards long-term supporters with a 20% bonus on dividends

By Rafał - 2020-08-03

With the proliferation of banking solutions, DeFi and other passive or active income systems to overcome the problems of the traditional banking system, competition within the cryptocurrency market has intensified and now requires offering competitive advantages for the users. In this context, the upcoming Nexo Dividend planned on August 15, 2020 will be more profitable and will be rewarding the most loyal Nexo clients with a 20% bonus on the payout for clients who agree to lock and hold their assets in their Nexo Account for one year. The third Nexo Dividend amount will be made public on the August 5, 2020 ex-dividend date, with the distribution date set to August 15, 2020. Furthermore, to receive dividends, NEXO Token holders must stake their tokens on the Nexo platform by the ex-dividend date.

However, specific rules apply for American customers:

“Due to legal requirements, all US citizens wishing to benefit from the Bonus Dividend must explicitly choose to receive their dividend in NEXO Tokens and be an accredited investor. Please ensure you fill out this Bonus Dividend registration form for US citizens. The form will provide you with the opportunity to select NEXO for your dividend payout and prompt you to provide evidence of your status as an accredited investor.”

Bonus details and eligibility

The bonus dividend adds an extra 20% on top of the Base and loyalty dividends owned by participants. The 120% dividend comprising both base, loyalty dividends and the 20% Bonus dividend, will be unlocked on August 15, 2021. All NEXO Tokens locked in during this one-year period are thus 100% eligible for the next batch. To be eligible for the bonus, users must fulfil some requirements:

  • User must have a minimum of 100,000 NEXO Tokens in a Nexo Account on August 5, 2020.
  • An agreement must be given via the registration form.
All the details regarding this 20% bonus can be read at https://nexo.io/