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NIX launches Beta version of Off-Chain Governance and Disable Zerocoin Protocol for time being

By Rafał - 2019-05-02

NIX has finally released the beta version of its long-worked Off-Chain Governance, completing a major milestone on time. The full version will be released in 1-2 weeks during which tests will be carried out and spotted bugs will be fixed. Presently, only QT wallet is supported wallet to partake in governance.


Off-Chain Governance will enable users to hand proposals to the NIX ecosystem. These proposals will be displayed on the proposals Page as well as on the Governance Tab of the NIX QT Wallet. Developers and anyone with an innovative idea can offer their services to NIX and ask funding for the same by using Off-Chain Governance.


The very first implementation of Off-Chain Governance is also ready. The governance structure will serve as a decision making and financing model for all the stake holders (Node owners and staking participants) actively participating in NIX ecosystem.


Zerocoin vulnerability has affected many projects recently and so to ensure the security and integrity of the platform, NIX has decided to completely disable Zerocoin Protocol (transactions) for the time being until they find the best way to patch this issue. Minted coins in the ghostvault at the time are safe and will be spendable to public coins again in a near future update.


The latest NIX wallet  can be downloaded here: 



For more information, visit: