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NodeHub.io first anniversary announcements and evolution

By Rafał - 2019-08-21

NodeHub.io launched on August 12, 2018 recently celebrated its first anniversary in the crypto field. During the last 12 months, the team worked hard to further develop the platform in order to bring numerous improvements and features and fix bugs.
During this period, the team also reached many new friends and partnerships all of which were really helpful in the development of NodeHub platform. The dedicated hard work brought NodeHub to introduce new features for a better user experience on the platform.

New Achievement: DIP003

After DASH’s Deterministic Masternodes List release, the team has integrated DIP003 support which is NodeHub first unique type of masternode support. DIP003 is currently enabled for DASH and AXE. Any future project that is currently listed on Nodehub and update their codebase to DIP will be directly supported.

New Achievement: Horizen

A month after the DIP003 integration, NodeHub team started working on Horizen integration last week which was another unique type of masternode successfully completed the integration which is now available for deployments.
The coin has now 2 types of nodes : Secure and Super which require at least 42 or 500 ZEN to be held on a staking address in users’ local wallet. This address is the only requirement to automatically deploy a node through the platform without any other user action required.

New Achievement: API

Last week, the update regarding API integration was released. It is currently on a test phase therefore not publicly available. This was requested many times by certain individuals which would use the infrastructure to build their own products such as a shared masternodes system.
If you’re interested in having access to NodeHub API, feel free to contact the team through live chat on the platform or by sending an email to business@nodehub.io.

Platform Stats

The platform now features 3,461 masternodes with over $15.6M in value for a total of 195 supported projects.
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Special Giveaway and Short Roadmap

To celebrate the 1st year in business, the NodeHub team is planning a special giveaway for the community. More details about this event will be released in a specific article soon.
After implementing a lot of new features and improvements on the Node Hub platform , the team is working on new products to add into the NodeHub inventory.
If you’d like to keep up with latest NodeHub updates and future products , you can directly follow them on their social medias including Twitter : https://twitter.com/nodehubio or visit the official website : NodeHub.io