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Interview with Oskars Kupcs, CEO of Nodexo

By Rafał - 2019-04-02

The Nodexo project has gotten the attention of investors interested in earning passive income through Masternodes. We met up with Oskars in an interview in which he explained the inner workings of the project and what they hope to accomplish considering that there are other networks solving different problems within the industry.

Could you throw more light on the Nodexo project?

Before Nodexo shared masternode platform was born, I was exploring ways how to earn extra money on the internet besides my day job. Few years ago, I discovered cryptocurrency and masternodes. Got really excited about the idea that this is not just a simple source of income, it is a recurring income.
Started to dig into masternodes and analyzing the projects that were implementing this technology and of course set up my own ones. The process was rather complex and had to watch many tutorials and guides on how to set them up. Plus, in order to be eligible to set up a masternode, you would need to make a significant commitment cryptocurrency-wise, and that’s where I thought there should be another way around.
And the result behind this thought is Nodexo. It is a shared masternode platform, where people come together and own a share of the masternode, therefore the rewards are distributed according to the commitment. Plus, the complex masternode setup process is done by us and all you need to know is how to log into the platform.

What is the primary objective of the project?

Our goal is to make masternodes available to everyone, at the same time educating the community about the technology behind this solution. You can follow our daily tips on social media channels and share your thoughts as well. We tend to simplify the masternode investment process.
Before Nodexo, you had to search for masternode coins in some shady exchanges deposit your Bitcoin there, exchange and then transfer coins to your cold wallet. After that you can start the setup process. Now with Nodexo thanks to our internal exchange you can get your masternode coins straight away with Bitcoin or Ethereum and invest them in shared masternode.

In what ways are you different from other Masternode platforms?

The main difference and competitive advantage is that Nodexo shared masternode platform is a hybrid between a shared masternode service and an exchange making it extra convenient for users or investors as we like to call them. Also in some platforms only full masternodes are available and they can be purchased with in-platform coins.
In our case we want to be a part of the Sharing economy and let our investors use their existing cryptocurrency not some mysterious coins, plus to own as much shares as he or she wants. Above it all we have an awesome community supporting us and they also take a part in the platform development with their feedback and ideas. Therefore, everybody is welcome to join and be a part of our thriving family.

Who are the people behind this project and what are the guarantees of success?

Nodexo is founded by 3 crypto enthusiasts and we all met in a Blockchain pre-accelerator organized by University of Latvia around one year ago. Oskars (me) is the author of the idea. Experience in cloud solutions and data center business as well as the mentality of sustainable business development brings added value to Nodexo.
Viesturs has more than 15 years of experience in IT solution development while working in one of the most innovative AI companies in Latvia. Viesturs has studied blockchain for more than 4 years and masternode technology for 2 years.
Janis is the full stack developer and several finance, insurance and automotive apps in the portfolio. Together we possess all necessary qualities and skills to bring the best solution to masternode community.

Why did you choose Masternode?

The decision was rather simple, because first we wanted to create a way for everyone to start making some money on the internet. Second, the internet money revenue must be recurring. As the whole crypto industry has just started to evolve, we saw an opportunity that masternodes could be the best solution that matches our criteria.
Another case is that masternodes highlights the real features of cryptocurrency – transactions must be super-fast and private. Thus, we feel that with Nodexo shared masternode platform we can raise awareness to masternodes.

What security measures do you have in place to avoid breaches on the Nodexo platform to avoid situations such as Cryptohashtank?

Main security appliance is that all funds are stored on cold wallets without any internet connection plus wallets are backed-up to several other offline devices to avoid breakdowns. For now, payouts to our investors are made manually and all transactions are trackable in block explorers.
Masternodes are hosted in Microsoft data centers and are protected by firewalls, IDS and IPS systems. Also even more and more investors are enabling 2FA to their accounts for extra security, this is what we advise to everybody who have created an account and taking the first steps to shared masternodes.
We hope that thanks to Oskars, you have a clearer understanding of the Nodexo project and its uniqueness.
For more details check Nodexo website: https://nodexo.io