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Nomination of ChainLayer as an official Chainlink node operator

By Inkarias - 2020-05-22

The Kava team announced today the nomination of ChainLayer project as a node operator with the objective to bring Chainlink price reference data to Kava’s DeFi lending platform and the Cosmos ecosystem. ChainLayer will be completely responsible for providing BNB/USD price reference data first to support Kava’s lending platform that was officially scheduled to launch in a few weeks. Following the release of IBC, other Cosmos-SDK blockchains and applications will be able to leverage connections with Kava to easily access Chainlink data for their own applications.

What is ChainLayer

ChainLayer, is a staking service provider and Chainlink node operator with a long history in the blockchain space. The company’s founders have been in the blockchain space since 2012 and come with a wide knowledge comprised of years of experience in banking and telecommunications. ChainLayer operates staking and validator services supporting Kava, Cosmos, Celo, Polkadot, and many other blockchain networks.

Brian Kerr, CEO of Kava Labs, shared his point of view about ChainLayer:

ChainLayer is consistently leading the way as a blockchain infrastructure company. They are one of the first Chainlink oracles in existence and they paved the way for Kava as one of its genesis validators. ChainLayer’s team is incredibly experienced in the space and we’re very excited to have them make Chainlink data available to Kava and the Cosmos ecosystem.”.

Various benefits

As Kava’s blockchain is built using Tendermint, similar-based blockchains within the Cosmos ecosystem (such as Binance, Terra, Cosmos Hub, Agoric, Aragon, and others) will now be able to retrieve market data such as cryptocurrency, FX, and commodity prices. This makes Kava the ideal place for blockchains and applications to request and access data from Chainlink oracles. Adding ChainLayer as a Chainlink node operator on Kava helps solidify Kava’s positioning as the hub for all DeFi needs for the community.

All the details regarding ChainLayer addition can be found at https://www.chainlayer.io/