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Nuls 2.2 has been breached, 2,000,000 NULS total compromised

By Rafał - 2019-12-23

Yesterday, the NULS team has shared a major announcement regarding a security breach identified after a successful attack from hackers. The targeted account was one of the team and has been breached for a total of 2,000,000 NULS transferred. Around 548,354 NULS from the 2,000,000 total have already entered the market and became completely untracable once transferred. To solve this new issue, the NULS team plans to conduct a hard fork process at the height of 87,800. Once the hard fork will be complete , the remaining stolen funds (about 1,451,645 NULS that haven't reached the market yet) will be destroyed in a permanent freeze to prevent continued flow into the market and avoid losses to community members. This solution is mainly setup to protect investors' assets against this major attack. As we have seen in the past , successfull attacks tend to bring a speficic market down quickly once the stolen coins can be sent and sold and the team is thriving to prevent that case to happen.

*Security Update* pic.twitter.com/GN41agKgi1

— NULS (@Nuls) December 22, 2019

Details about the attack

The reason behind this attack is due to an identified security vulnerability in the 2.2 version , which has now been fixed by the team. The different partners and exchanges working with the NULS project are currently aware of the situation and are working hard to implement the solution to protoect their respective held assets. The team is currently fully preparing the hard fork process and will release it as soon as possible. With the importance of this attack ,the upgrade is mandatory for everyone part of the NULS ecosystem. Node owners must also upgrade as soon as possible to avoid any possible issues and the receival of unnecessary yellow cards.
More about NULS at https://www.nuls.io/