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Nuls is now supported by SWFT cross-chain flash operations

By Inkarias - 2019-11-20

SWFT Blockchain is currently considered as a faster and safer platform for transferring funds with a “one-stop cross-chain” transfer solution compared to existing competitors. The strong vision associated with SWFT permitted the group to be in the top leaders in that field.
The mission and the global vision became to "Enable Smart Worldwide Financial Transfers: easier, faster, and safer for everyone ." SwftCoin-SWFTC is the native token of SWFT based on a decentralized blockchain system (Ethereum), which means that it does not rely on any external financial institution. The token's existence is not dependent on the stability of such an organization. SwftCoin does not require any transactions with fiat, which increases overall convenience and speed. It is the default payment method for fees on SWFT Blockchain, as an optimal solution for the OTC Market, which aiming at avoiding the fiat regulatory risks while improving the existing market trade solutions to simplify the global access to markets.

Integration of NULS into SWFT

NULS has recenty shared the news that NULS project is now Supported by SWFT for Cross-Chain Flash Exchanging, Transfers and Payments solutions. SWFT now supports flash exchange transfers between NULS and more than 210 other cryptocurrencies, including NULS red packets and payments. SWFT Blockchain is one of the three existing flash transfer platforms in the world. There is no need for certification or KYC when using decentralized flash transfers.
More details on the official homepage at https://www.swft.pro/ or on the official Wechat group: swftcoin2