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Nuls project adds cross-chain solutions by using Binance chain

By Inkarias - 2020-11-18

For many years and with the enthusiasm for distributed ledger technology, several blockchains have constituted full ecosystems for developing, issuing/launching and administering crypto tokens or assets often featuring solutions to simplify interoperability across chains and networks while permitting a greater circulation of assets. From this vision, several entities such as Binance began to launch their own blockchain of this type, similarly to what is already offered by Tron and Ethereum projects. Today, it is now possible to launch and use BEP2 tokens within the Binance ecosystem. Simply put, BEP20 is a standard that defines a set of rules for the issuance and management of tokens in the Binance Chain ecosystem, also more commonly known as BSC.

Today, and after several months of hardwork, Nuls cross-system ecosystem, NerveNetwork, a decentralized digital asset services network and blockchain cross-chain interaction protocol, has successfully implemented cross-chain circulation with Binance network. The official associated contract address can be thus checked at 0x8CD6e29d3686d24d3C2018CEe54621eA0f89313B.

The following list of functions is already fully implemented within the network:

 - In one hand, NULS, NRC20, ETH, ERC20, NVT and other assets can be transferred to Binance Smart Chain network via cross-chain feature

 - In the other hand, BNB and the different BEP20 assets are cross-transferable to NerveNetwork, Nuls network as well as the other parallel-chains and ETH network. Furthermore, the tranfers can be done on both sides, guaranteeing a high circulation across chains without any limitations.

With the success of both Ethereum and BSC networks, it is certain that the addition of cross-chain transfers is a strong added value for the entire NULS ecosystem and the community, allowing new technical possibilities to be developed for the years to come.

All the information regarding this implementation and the whole range of possibilities can be read at https://www.nuls.io/