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Nuls project released mainnet V2.2.0

By Inkarias - 2019-12-05

The NULS mainnet release to V2.2.0 has been planned to occur today. In this version, the modified functions are as follows:

  • An optimization for transaction broadcasting and connection strategies between consensus nodes, increasing the general network stability
  • Fix of some minor discovered bugs and improved performance for the main network.

This is a compulsory upgrade. 80% of the consensus nodes will be upgraded to the latest version and continue to generate 10,000 blocks before switching to the new protocol. As this upgrade involves protocol updates, it will effectively improve the stability of the main network. Investors must complete the upgrade of all main network nodes as soon as possible to avoid receiving unnecessary yellow cards due to changes in network connection rules.

General precautions and how to update to V2.2.0

Update method: manually download the latest version of node wallet package: https://github.com/nuls-io/nuls-v2/releases

Node wallet upgrade guide here

The Nuls team has shared some precautions before the release to prepare the investors before this new upgrade and to avoid any problem for the community:

1.For all the assets security, make sure to have backed up the private key before starting the upgrade operation. The operation might generate a loss of your coins if not done.

2.After re-downloading the new version of the wallet, users must stop any execution of the old version of the wallet, then copy the data folder of the old wallet to the new wallet, then restart the new version of the wallet and complete the update operation entirely. It is mandatory to close the initial wallet to do a smooth transition to the new version without any issues as running two wallets at the same time could create errors during the transition and should be avoided.

The complete guide to upgrade and the general information are available at https://www.nuls.io/