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Nuls upgrades main-net to new version 2.8.0

By Inkarias - 2020-12-15

Earlier today, the Nuls project team upgraded the main-net to the new version 2.8.0, bringing many changes for investors. This new release must be taken into account and users must imperatively update their wallets to the new version as soon as possible in order to continue to have the best possible stability. This news come at the same time as the announcement of the opening of the local ambassador recruitment program set to start in the first months of 2021. The recruitment is currently still on and anyone can submit an application after reading and following these guidelines.

This update brings many benefits and improvements for the network , following a year where Nuls made several huge leaps launching projects and cross-chains working tirelessly to bring the best user experience. As indicated on the official blog: 

This upgrade is mandatory. The nodes that need to be upgraded are ordinary nodes and consensus nodes. Ordinary users do not need to update. Please upgrade to the new version as soon as possible to ensure the stable operation of the service. If a consensus node is not upgraded after the main network switches to the new protocol, it will receive a yellow card until it is fined 

The changes brought about by this update

The official integration of the new protocol will be considered from the 20,000th blocks after the node upgrade reaches 80% and will bring several important changes for investors. First, this new version will open support for multi-account call contracts while optimizing the cache system and the hit rate of contract operations cache allowing a larger list of possibilities. Additionally, the optimization has been reworked for reduced isomorphic cross-chain handling fees. Finally, this upgrade included several fixes for known and reported bugs including a major fix for an isomorphic cross-chain validator synchronization bug.