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Over 64 000 GIN was stolen.

By Rafał - 2018-10-07

Cryptocurrencies are the revolution but they are also full of dangers. With a slight delay we want to inform you that October 3rd on Wednesday, at GIN discord there was information about stolen GIN Coins. 

Hackers stole over 64 000 GIN Coins and over 10 000 DEV coins from one of this project (GIN) team member and Shared masternodes pool owner. This pool is not related to GIN platform so all masternodes that are hosted there are safe. 

Coins that were stolen are worth more than $165 000. Owner of wallet that was hacked reported cybercrime to Dutch police.

Thieves send all coins to Cryptopia. Fortunately exchange blocked that funds untill the investigation will be over. Of course price of GIN drop when this info (about stolen coins) come to life. 

Remember that you are responsible for your money. Do not store any backups, passwords or private keys at your PC or on-line. Do not trust any "helpers" or people that offer you great "deals". Always check if you are talking to real team member not a scammer. 

GIN is one of the biggest masternode hosting platforms. Their discord channel has over 7000 users. More informations you can find at https://gincoin.io.