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Overview of KMDLabs, A Komodo blockchain Incubator with rewards

By Inkarias - 2019-11-10

Komodo team has introduced KMDLabs, a blockchain technology incubator and test bed for developing Komodo-based Smart Chains and custom Antara modules. KMDLabs started as an internal Komodo test group called STAKED. This dedicated testing platform was created with the founding of KMDLabs.

KMDLabs is an infinitely scalable and fully customizable test bed for trialing and debugging new blockchain solutions. In particular, KMDLabs helps anyone to test new parameters on Komodo-based Smart Chains and experiment with new Antara Modules, innovative implementations of existing modules, and develop decentralized applications (dApps) built with the Antara Framework. The KMDLabs team is a group of developers, engineers, testers, and support specialists that collectively have dozens of years of experience with blockchain technology.

Node operators and a new reward system

Every two months, new positions open for KMDLabs Notary Node operators. To be eligible to receive an open KMDLabs Notary Node position, users just need to enter in a blockchain-based free lottery. New Notary Node operators are selected at random from those that enter the lottery.

The KMDLabs also provides an incentivized testing environment. In other words, bounties are paid out in KMDLabs coins (LABS) for breaking test chains and finding bugs, as well as for finding solutions. This allows those interested in blockchain to earn compensation for their time and efforts while they learn about the technology.

In order to join the lottery, few steps must be respected:

  • Users must follow the directions and install the dependencies listed here : - https://github.com/KMDLabs/StakedNotary/blob/master/README.md
  • Clone and sync KMDLabs fully, starting the daemon with the personal pubkey.
  • Fund the node with a very small number of LABS
  • Run the command /NNvote.py
  • Select 1 | NN lottery
  • Select 1 | How to participate
More information about the project at https://komodoplatform.com/