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Oxen, the new era in the path of Loki network’s revolution

By Rafał - 2020-11-11

Since its creation, the Loki project has had significant success thanks to the quality of its services and the associated technical vision. Working tirelessly to always bring new features, Loki's team recently announced the launch of their next major project for their evolution in the crypto sphere: Oxen. Oxen is a whole new innovative solution, allowing developers to constantly improve their products with a simple all-in-one kit while keeping in mind the same goal of maintaining the integrity of privacy and confidentiality. Oxen comprises a lot of new improvements and functionalities that will serve both future developers to work simply but also the entire community to enjoy all the benefits to be a Loki holder. The list of features included in the Oxen project isn’t limited to the following points:

  • A truly encrypted Slack/Mattermost competitor

  • An encrypted voice and video call service designed with thoughts from the community in order to surpass existing applications

  • A peer-to-peer networking replacement library for blockchain projects with a complete interoperability

  • Onion VPN marketplace powered by Oxen

  • Redundant messaging utilising the swarm protocol

  • Virtual LAN functionality to enable private networks to form on the public internet

  • Secure onion-routed HTTPrequest library (onion requests) used to secure simple web traffic between client and server without requiring a VPN or OS level support

Oxen by Loki
source: https://loki.network/


These improvements aim directly to realize the intrinsic vision of the project to use staked nodes to provide services across the globe. Over the next few months, the Loki team will focus primarily on making this project and its success possible, while keeping the development of other applications at the center of their activities.

All details about Oxen will be revealed as the project progresses, but the vast majority of information can be read directly on the website at https://loki.network/