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    $1,551.927B 3.01%
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    $1,080.226B 1.62%
  • POS Market Cap
    $138.516B 2.64%
  • Masternodes Market Cap
    $3.101B -0.84%

PAC Global launching a network optimization

By Inkarias - 2019-11-18

On 17 november 2019 , PAC Global, LLC, a well-known blockchain network provider announced an upcoming network optimization update within the existing PAC ecosystem. This optimization includes a wide range of tools and improvements on the existing chain. The complete list of features , planned to be launched this week , covers :
  • Proof-of Stake based rewards per block increases from 1 PAC to 100 PAC to reward those contributing
  • Deterministic Masternodes (MN) Active/Inactive rules are fully enabled to ensure a quality network
  • Difficulty adjustments retargeting algorithm to further optimize block speed averages.
  • Masternode voting within desktop wallets will be an added feature while fixing known bugs.
  • Unlock wallet for staking only box added for extra security.

A new pool of funds

700 million PAC total were acquired for PAC Global LLC holdings and will serve several purposes to improve the PAC project. First , the core team plans to launch an “ Employee Incentive Program” with the recruitment of additional high-end developers as well as incentives for existing employees through PAC Global rewards vision. These coins will be subject to a “lock up period” and not for immediate resale. This pool of funds also includes new high-profile exchange listings , promotional/marketing opportunities , strategic partnerships as well as managing diversified expenses such as emergency/insurance or reimbursement for pre-approved operations. The existing pool will cover various sectors inherent with the success of PAC Global.
This latest update also retires 1 billion+ PAC Global coins. Although the total number of coins outstanding remains the same, these coins are not in circulation, cannot be sent or received, sold, or used as masternode collateral. Going forward future software updates will occur with the main objective of continuously optimizing and improving the PAC Global Network while adding next-generation features
Further details at http://www.pacglobal.io/