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    $1,646.193B 5.04%
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    $143.075B 2.64%
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    $3.319B -0.91%

Partnership with Masternodes.Pro!

By Rafał - 2019-05-14

We at Masters of Nodes are pleased to announce our new partnership with MasterNodes.Pro. Masters of Nodes and MasterNodes.Pro have landed on the common ground and have agreed to support and help each other gain exposure, accomplish their goals and strengthen each other’s ties in the blockchain industry.
MasterNodes.Pro is a well-established Masternode Statistical analysing website founded in July 2017 which offers the most accurate statistics and best customer service in crypto to help users with their Masternode investments. MasterNodes.Pro has a strict Project Listing Process with necessary conditions to be met. Each project that gets listed on their website undergoes thorough background checks and researching to make sure of its legitimacy, thus protecting its users against scam and useless projects.
We believe that this new partnership will help provide Masters of Nodes with new opportunities and prove mutually beneficial to both sides and their users in the long run.
To know more about our new partner and services offered by them, visit https://masternodes.pro/statistics
With our authentic & genuine information and MasterNodes.Pro’s accurate statistics we hope to make the masternode space much more organized and clearer of scam projects for our users.