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Phore Developers’ “Fake Stake” Fix Helps Other Projects

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-05-21

As at the last count, 173 projects have used the Phore solution for the Fake Stake vulnerability. This is an industry record for a bug discovered last November by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana.
The research team announced in November 16, that the Fake Stake bug would result in exploits on networks of projects such as Stratis, PIVX, Nebilo, Peercoin, ClockCoin, BitBay, Linda and ColossusXT.
The discovery was fortunate for these projects because the team in charge of the research were white hat hackers willing to reveal the flaws privately to these networks. However, they announced that details of the vulnerability would be made public by mid January.
This was with the expectation that the projects would have found solution to the flaw by then. Nevertheless, the Phore team fixed the Fake Stake vulnerability by December 7, 2018.
When the vulnerability was made public by late January 2019, Phore was the only platform that had fixed it so the other networks had to depend on the Phore solution. Since then, 173 other projects have used the coding solution developed and implemented by the Phore team to fix the Fake Stake vulnerability.
The Phore project is proud of the accomplishment of its developers. The fact that they could be in the forefront of such solution that could be of help to the industry is remarkable.
In a Medium post, the Phore team thanked the developers for the many hours put in not just to keep the Phore platform safe but their effort has helped many other platforms in the industry.
The release further said that the Phore team would always be prompt in ensuring that the blockchain maintains highest integrity. It confirms the project’s belief in the open source code and its benefits as envisaged by Nakamoto Satoshi, the Bitcoin inventor, as exemplified by the swiftness of the Phore team’s response and the benefit the solution has been to other projects.