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    $2,037.185B -4.95%
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    $192.246B 1.73%
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    $5.935B -1.07%

Phore development update.

By Rafał - 2018-11-14

Phore (PHR) was recently added to a new exchange Crex24 introducing PHR/BTC trading pair. Phore will also be added to the Ternion exchange on 15th November 2018 and include a fiat gateway in January 2019, thus adding more options to traders.

The phore development team has finished most of the important testing of the SegWit update and has fixed the discovered bugs. They are continuing with the development of Phore Synapse, Smart Contracts. Phore team is also done with most of the code for a preliminary beacon chain and have started with a basic implementation of their validator code.

They will be working on building out their “P2P-to-RPC” interface to allow Remote Procedure Call access to the Peer to Peer network needed for assembling signature. Very basic testnet of the beacon chain is expected to launch within next few weeks.

For more information visit Phore official website: phore.io.

Phore updates you can find at medium.com.