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Phore Explains Benefits of Its Synapse Validator

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-06-05

The Phore has been working on its Synapse validator for some. The team recently announced that the development would be a major milestone in the network’s quest to become a force to reckon with in the industry.
According to a recent release, the Phore Synapse is proof of stake network, Sharding and smart contract supporting. Other features are token generation and high transaction fee that is unknown on the network
On the effect that the new network would have on the current masternode functions and staking, the release stated that the Phore Synapse validator will have immense impact on the platform considering that the current Masternode system does not validate transactions and requires the locking up of 10,000 PHR as collateral to run.
The previous system required validation through staking since masternodes are not involved in validation. Nevertheless rewards are shared between masternodes and stakers with the requirement that both are synched.
The Synapse validator would be in charge of transaction validation even theough it would be unable to synch the blockchain. This would be done through a node on each PC through the synching of the main chain done just once. A single connection is necessary because all validator nodes share the same P2P connection on the network.
The design assigns each Synapse validator with a specific function such as validation proposal to shards. This new arrangement demands that there be more Phore masternodes than presently applicable for enhanced security.
Nevertheless the merit of the system is the speed with which validators sync the shard they’re working on and quickly move on to another shard without keeping its state longer than necessary, effectively handing it over to another group of validators.
They go further by proposing shard chains after initially proposing the beacon chain of the network. The developers are still testing the system to ensure that the resource consumption of the Synapse Validator is not unwieldy for the network presently, it is estimated that not more than 100 validator nodes will run a server even though it could be more.
There are many benefits resulting from the Synapse such as cold storage of phore coins without disabling staking functionality. Support for hardware wallets. There will be a lower collateral requirement for staking and masternode leading to a more decentralized network.