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Phore Joins Binance Info

By Rafał - 2019-05-17

Phore has joined the Binance info in its quest to showcase transparency and create greater awareness on the project to the coin community.
Binance launched its transparency initiative in the bid to provide accurate data and information to the coin community about various projects. The initiative encourages teams and users to take advantage of the platform to create up to date authentic information on blockchain and cryptocurrency related platforms they’re affiliated with.
The Binance Info was launched based on the premise that the community members are in better positions to provide information on the project that’ll help stakeholders gain better understanding of the cryptocurrencies and tokens being offered in exchanges.
The initiative is open for participation from all teams involved in diverse projects who can access the platform through an application form on Googledocs:
The Binance Info hopes to become a dependable source of information and data on the coin market and related projects in the future.