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Phore releases mandatory wallet upgrade and partners with World Mobile

By Rafał - 2018-12-18

Mandatory Wallet Update

Phore announced a mandatory wallet and masternode upgrade to version 1.5.1 on December 13th. All are required to update to the latest version before January 19th. The release includes bug fixes, support for lower resolution screens, Segwit support and the new Masternode Setup GUI significantly streamlining the Masternode setup process. For those who have already upgraded to wallet v1.5.0, the release is optional. The new wallet is available for download here: http://phore.io/#wallet.

Phore Partners with World Mobile

PHORE World Mobile
Phore announced its partnership with World Mobile, the world’s first blockchain telecommunications company on 12th December. World Mobile and Phore Blockchain have agreed to work together to develop telecommunication solutions based on blockchain technology to reduce the domestic and international call and data costs and benefit everyday users. Also, Users making payments made with Phore digital currency ($PHR) will be offered 10% discount or 10% more calling time on World Mobile network.
Phore SIM cards offering worldwide functionality will soon be launched and sold on the Phore Decentralized Marketplace. Also, features such as secure P2P telephone services will be bought to Phore wallet and its marketplace to increase functionality and aid transactions between buyers and sellers.
A limited edition Phore Mobile Phone is also in development which will run on World’s Mobile Operation System (W-OS) and will eliminate the need for SIM card by automatically connecting to the best value operator nearby. Both, organisations (Phore and World Mobile) are committed to provide high quality service, low cost calls and data services and improve user experience especially in areas such as Africa, Asia and Latin America where telecom rates are significantly high.
More information on Phore’s Development updates and Partnerships can be found at: https://medium.com/@phoreblockchain