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Phore Synapse sharding

By Inkarias - 2019-10-31

“Synapse” is the code name for Phore’s new leading edge blockchain architecture technology, a creation that was made possible through the implementation of sharding. Synapse is the architecture through which token creation, smart contracts, and unparalleled transaction speeds will operate in the future.

How Does Synapse Work?

Synapse has still few critical components: The beacon module, the validator modules, shard modules, and relayer modules.

  • The Beacon Chain is what manages all the proof-of-stake transactions, and acts as the main network chain.
  • Validator Modules constantly interact with the beacon module. These modules are what create the blocks for the beacon chain and handle the end-user proof-of-stake functionalities simply.
  • The Shard Module acts as the “executor” for all the sidechains. It executes code for all of the side-chains and keeps them in sync with the beacon chain.
  • The Relayer Module is the data management portion within the system. It keeps track of the entire state of each shard. Relayers then package up transactions submitted to the network and advertise these packages to validators. This module allows validators to execute transactions without syncing the entire state.

The development team has been creating a testnet to ensure that the Synapse blockchain functions correctly. It can start all the modules simultaneously, mine several blocks, create another “node”, mine several more blocks and then check to ensure both clients are synced to the same block. Some extra features are still being worked on such as Synapse block explorer and wallets, but the first tests have succeeded.

More details on this whole new system are directly introduced on phore’s official website https://phore.io/