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PIVX Foundation Uses UN Platform To Expand Vision

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-06-07

PIVX Foundation was launched during the recent UN blockchain for social impact initiative which the platform attended for the second consecutive year in New York. The session was aimed at exploring ways to enhance the United Nations sustainable development goals.
In attendance also was the PIVX co- founder, Dr Brian Doreian who is a returning delegate. Doreian used the opportunity to share the visions of PIVX Foundation with other delegates at the meeting.
PIVX Foundation is the charity arm of the PIVX community which has the fundamental objective of educating the public on the benefits of the blockchain technology with the view of enhancing adoption of digital currencies. The foundation is also working on the development of cross-border platform that would enable philanthropy and volunteerism.
Speaking on the vision for the Foundation, Doreian acknowledged that community members are known to have been funding projects on the PIVX platform without charity tax receipts. According to him, β€œ β€œThe launch of the PIVX Foundation, an independent non-profit focused on supporting PIVX and the larger blockchain ecosystem, provides a massive opportunity for PIVX to grow.
Donors can now leverage charitable contributions (charitable contributions can offset taxes they might otherwise be paying) – AND help support the PIVX ecosystem at the same time.”
PIVX Foundation is run on the same DAO principles on which PIVX was built on. There is no central authority or CEO, no central office but every decision must be based on the network consensus and governance like a true decentralized organization.
The PIVX donors who have been active in the community can now receive tax benefits for their support and philanthropy since it is a known fact that they have been playing crucial roles in the funding of community projects whenever there is a shortfall in budget allocations.
Even though the foundation is still under the management of the PIVX community, it is 100 percent funded through the donations by community members.
PIVX Foundation has already funded its first project in partnership with Vendible and its parent SDG Impact Fund. This is aimed at building a payment processor that would be charity friendly on zero fee transactions.