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PIVX Launches Dedicated iOS Wallet App

By Rafał - 2019-01-10

It’s been hard for developers to launch new wallets and others crypto related apps on Apple App Store since Apple narrowed down its guidelines on cryptocurrency related apps. Due to this, number of crypto projects had to rely on multi-currency wallets and exchanges apps. PIVX has set a new milestone by becoming the first anonymous proof-of-stake (PoS) coin to get a dedicated wallet app listed on the App Store. It wasn’t easy, PIVX had to engage with Apple support for months and had to send the application a couple of time but in the end, all worked out. It was all possible due to a community member named ‘Buer’ and his company, PIVX core developer ‘Matias Furszyfer’ and a few dedicated investors. PIVX is now among the 7 of the top 100 coins that have managed to launch their wallets on App Store.
When asked about the aim of PIVX, its Community leader and creator director, Chad Ballantyne said:
“Although PIVX is well known for its world-class leading Proof-of-Stake and privacy technology, it’s important that we get that revolutionary technology into the hands of everyday users. Our desire is widespread adoption, and to be the most used cryptocurrency in the world. Being on the App Store means we now have a greater opportunity to do so”.
The iOS wallet only support PIV presently. zPIV, zPoS and zLNP are still under work for all devices. Zerocoin features have been included in the android wallet and will be enabled after next core network release – V3 when ZLNP Pull request is merged into the core sources.
PIVX just got another step closer towards its goal of mass adoption and providing users with financial security and privacy with convenient, instant and private transactions. More information on PIVX App Store wallet and its Release Notes can be found here https://pivx.org/pivx-on-ios/.