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PIVX will release "The most advanced crypto wallet" on December 18

By Inkarias - 2019-12-15

PIVX core team has announced a major upcoming release and has prepared a special countdown for this milestone. This new PIVX release is set to revolutionize the entire crypto market in general. After more than 11 months of creative design, intense development, and rigorous testing, the PIVX Community and Development Team is now ready to release the version 4.0, the most advanced and feature packed QT Core Wallet. 

The release is planned to occur on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 21:00 GMT with a new enforcement at block 2,153,200 (estimated around Jan 6 2020). After the new protocol enforcement block, new PoS consensus & tech features will be enabled on the blockchain (Links to binaries and release notes will be posted by the team as soon as possible).

PIVX 4.0 Overview

PIVX v4.0.0 introduces a completely new graphical user interface for the wallet, designed and coded from the ground up by the Krubit team. The new GUI includes new user-focused improvements and features such as a brief introduction on first load, dark and light themes, staking charts with filters, new user friendly Masternode wizard, cold staking page, FAQ page, quick access Icon-based top menu bar, in-wallet settings page, and one-click QR code receiving addresses and more. 

This release also has some innovative new tech advancements and implementations including the new PoS Time protocol, Cold Staking, new Masternodes Signed messages, smaller v7 blocks, and v4 zerocoin public spends with network improvements. In the new core wallet version 4.0, the entire experience has been reworked so that each action a user wishes to take can be done so in a logical and intuitive way. The visual elements have also been upgraded and reworked to give an easy way to stake and build a passive income.

More information on PIVX 4 at https://pivx.org/