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PolisNodes, a one click masternode platform

By Rafał - 2019-06-02

With changing attitudes towards crypto-currencies, users and investors of blockchain-based projects have begun to question how to take advantage of these different solutions. The arrival on the market of projects with masternodes has greatly increased opportunities for users to generate interest and profit. But buying and setting up a masternode is not easy for ordinary users. Many investors do not try the experiment, lack of technical knowledge to set up their own masternodes easily at the lowest price. Polis is a cryptocurrency for communities opening instant payments with the polis network. People thrive when they can connect and trade freely. Polis uses advanced decentralized blockchain technology to solve major problems for the global community.
After a long period of presence on the cryptocurrency market, the Polis Group announces the implementation of its new solution, the PolisNodes platform, to solve technical problems and complications that users might encounter when setting up a masternode. Indeed, the PolisNodes platform is a one click masternode platform powered by the Polis Blockchain and Polis Community. In order to attract investors to use the POLIS currency and ensure the technical simplification of the process, all services included on the platform will be paid with the POLIS currency, thus increasing the demand and the different possibilities associated with the currency with a new use case.

The features offered by the platform

Polis does everything to put investors and project partners in the foreground. Polis motto has always been “Polis Empowers People”, so the Polis Team decided to create the first Decentralized Polis Platform for the polis users. This first DPP will include several features oriented to integrate the desires and choices of the community within the governance of Polis. The community will be able to be actor of the project by adding value to it with new features, new listings and delistings, bug hunting but also by taking important decisions toward the future of the Polis project. A detailed guide on how to participate in this project can be found here.
The Masternodes owners will also be rewarded for their participation in the voting of new proposals as 10% of the total earnings from PolisNodes will be shared to all the Polis masternode owners that participate. Masternodes that do not vote on new proposals, will not be rewarded at all. Every end of a quarter, the PolisNodes team will issue a report on the earnings and pay the share in POLIS. With this solution, Polis community will have the possibility to invest in a one click-masternode solution, at the lowest price possible on the market, at a rate of 0.1 usd by day representing 3 usd by month. This allows everyone to start their own masternode and take part in the Polis Project regardless of their financial and technical capabilities.
Plosnodes coins

PolisPay Shift on coin payments

The Polis Team is starting the integration of PolisPay Shift payments in the PolisNodes masternode platform, meaning that all the users will be able to fund their account in POLIS from any coin supported in the PolisPay app by depositing and using the internal shift.

Investments Dashboard

With the multiplication of the number of existing masternodes, it has become difficult to be able to follow the entire daily evolution. That’s why A full dashboard with all the rewards information will be available in PolisNodes allowing users to track their investments in the best possible way.

ERC20 Nodes

There are some nodes that require a different technical setup and are not masternodes, such as IDEX, HoriZen, Waltonchain, among other projects that are starting to integrate a “trustless staking” platform, and polisnodes plans to support them in the future.
Official Links :
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolisNodes
Telegram: https://t.me/polisnodes
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/MT9EWSm
Website : https://polispay.org/
Platform: https://platform.polisnodes.io