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PolisPay card is now in Open Beta

By RafaƂ - 2019-03-10

Debit cards and digital payments are becoming popular and now people do not prefer to carry cash in hand. Since the blockchain revolution, it was possible to transact online using wallets by making use of cryptocurrency. But now with the PolisPay card, you can use the debit card to make payments using cryptocurrencies. It aims to bridge the gap between the crypto and non-crypto world.
This debit card was in its closed beta stage since September. According to sources, the team needed to test features such as:
  • PolisPay Card: Crypto to fiat Mastercard.
  • PolisPay Shift: conversion between cryptocurrencies.
  • HD Wallets: transact between different cryptocurrencies using the app.
All these are tested for a few transactions but still, it is not ready for the large scale transactions.
PolisPay roadmap
PolisPay roadmap
The PolisPay company has launched PolisPay Roadmap and PolisPay Open Beta. This card allows users to load fiat currency at any place using the Polis Wallet and other coins. This card will be accepted on any Mastercard compatible ATMs and you can use it at stores that accept Mastercard.
This card is tested in 3 phases and now it is available for end users. But still the team wants to test the backend and shipment process and hence it is known as Open Beta phase. Once this is tested then the live version of this card and app will be launched. It is expected that this will be a revolutionary launch in the crypto world and soon this decentralized currency will become much more popular.
PolisPay aims to add more coins to the app and you can pay fees even in POLIS. The team confirmed that it has been a wonderful ride in developing and launching this platform and even the users will be excited to use this platform.
If you want to order PolisPay card go to: https://polispay.com/order-now