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PolisPay Cards Registered Outside Mexico are Disabled and Will No Longer Work

By Rafał - 2019-03-18

PolisPay card provider had some issues with Mastercard which PolisPay team was unaware of until now. The card provider never had permission and legal licensing from Mastercard to sell cards outside Mexico of which PolisPay was heedless. As a result, Mastercard has blocked the PolisPay card provider from validating transactions from cards which are registered with living address outside Mexico and PolisPay has become incapable of selling cards to other countries.
PolisPay cards will no longer work outside Mexico although the one’s registered in Mexico with legit address will continue to work globally and PolisPay deposits, shift and new/existing orders will be paused until further announcement.
PolisPay card
PolisPay will provide refund to all orders and cards outside Mexico in BTC. To apply for refund, a support ticket with card number on the subject must be submitted in the PolisPay app to which the team will reply with necessary details. PolisPay partners are also being called to apply for renegotiation of collaboration terms and refund of Entry fee in BTC. After completion of refund, KYC details of the users will be deleted from the server.
This has only affected the PolisPay card system. PolisPay Multiwallet and PolisPay shift will continue to work normally. PolisPay will keep on searching for new card providers and in the meantime, it will focus on PolisPay Shift, PolisPay User Experience, PolisNodes, Olympus and governance projects.
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