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PreLab to Help Teams Launch Crypto Projects

By Rafał - 2019-03-25

A new platform that is poised to help teams launch coin projects has been unveiled. In an announcement by the owners, they stated that this would enable startups to seamlessly launch presales for any project.

The platform makes it possible for those with vested interest in the coin market to have access to a resource where everyone could converge to gain access to investment opportunities. This is made possible because will have access to a list of all newly launched projects via PreLab.

PreLab platform
PreLab platform

The promoters are of the opinion that it will play a leading role in harmonizing the sales cycle of crypto projects because owners can conveniently leverage the platform irrespective of the life cycle of their projects.

Investors will find it a useful resource because it presents all the newly launched coins in one place and so enable them to make investment decisions based on well-defined information about several coins.

Another project that is affiliated to PreLab is StakingLab.io which is a trusted PoS pool and shared Masternode provider. The project is one of the oldest proof-of-stake platform which has built a reputation over time.

Other platforms supported by PreLab are Clicknode.io and Labcoin.io. The former enables the hosting of Masternode cheaply which keeping control of your private keys while the latter is in charge of the StakingLab ecosystem.

AlphaCup presale

Since the (LABX) is the internal currency of Labcoin.io, projects hosted on the PreLab platform would make payments with the cryptocurrency. LABX is already in use for Masternode payments by users of Clicknode.

The developers announced that they’ll come up with more tools in the near future since the objective of the project is to make PreLab the destination of choice for all crypto projects seeking hands-off launch.