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Qtum Undergoing a Hard Fork Tomorrow

By Lorenzo - 2019-10-16

The QTUM 2.0 Hard Fork is less than 24 hours away from happening. According to Qtum’s team, the hard fork is necessary to adapt to the new applications of the blockchain technology. Users will need to update their Qtum Core wallet.
Qtum is an open-source platform based on the blockchain technology. Qtum’s main mission is to provide a stable and safe environment for smart-contracts and DApps. Qtum currently has 4516 global nodes activated and is only beaten by Bitcoin and Ethereum.
The Hard Fork is set to happen at block 466,600 (17th October) or in approximately, 18 hours. The main features of the upgrade include new smart-contract capability to make DApps easier to use, a reduction in the long block spacing as well as an increase in the blocks generated per day. This gives staking wallets a 12.5% raise.
Additionally, the upgrade will also include a pre-compiled contract and library for smart contract verification. Most exchanges are notified by Qtum about the upcoming hard fork to ensure a smooth update.
The Qtum team also announced an AMA to be held on the Binance ‘AMA Series’ with a prize of $5,000 worth of Qtum for participants.

Join us on October 18th at 3am UTC, for an AMA with @QtumOfficial Co-Founders @patrickxdai & @earlzdotnet!

There will be $5,000 worth of rewards in $QTUM, so download a wallet, update it and get involved! ➡️https://t.co/ofjSTEwMsB
Join here?https://t.co/xYcqyDnJDx pic.twitter.com/IBVRpvJinJ

— Binance (@binance) October 15, 2019
This upgrade doesn’t seem to be reflected in the price as Qtum lost 12% in value over the last 2 days, setting a daily downtrend. The current price of Qtum is $1.66 and the total Market Capitalization is $159 million.