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Redeem your DIVX for DIVI before 31st December

By Rafał - 2018-11-28

The launch of the DIVI MainNet protocol took place back on 27th September 2018 and made DIVI the world’s first blockchain protocol to offer a true Once-Click Cloud install. The launch enabled people to setup masternodes using Once-Click Cloud Install (MOCCI) and redeem their DIVX for DIVI.
All DIVX holders must swap/redeem their DIVX ERC-20 tokens for DIVI before 31st December 2018 as Divi is migrating its entire ecosystem to its unique blockchain by 1st January 2019. DIVX and DIVI will be swapped in a ratio of 1:100 i.e. you will receive 100 DIVI for every 1 DIVX. Below are the list of steps showing how to convert your DIVX for DIVI:

Step 1- KYC (Know your Customer)

A person must go through KYC process first to receive a unique link. Only the non-U.S. residents can pass the KYC. You can go through the KYC process here http://kyc.diviproject.org.

Step 2- Get your DIVX into Metamask

Metamask is necessary to swap DIVX for DIVI. Metamask has an "Import Account" option that's accessed by clicking the round circle in the upper right corner. If you have your private key for the address holding your DIVX, such as if you have it now in MEW, then this is an easy way to get to your DIVX.
If not, you can move your DIVX to a new address in Metamask to perform the token swap.

Step 3- Download the Divi Desktop Wallet

Start up your wallet and let it sync with the network. Instructions on download can be found here: (https://diviproject.org/downloads).

Step 4- Backup your wallet

Once the wallet is set up, you need to back it up with 24-word seed phrase. To do this,
  1. Click settings.
  2. Click the Backup button.
  3. Write down the phrase or print it.

Step 5- Redeem your DIVX for DIVI in ratio 1:100

When you pass the KYC, you will receive a unique link. To be clear about how to redeem your DIVX for DIVI, watch the video:
After swapping your DIVX for DIVI, you can now either setup your masternode (if you have 100,000 DIVI or more), stake, hold or exchange your DIVI.
Don’t forget to swap your DIVX for DIVI before 31st December 2018. For more information visit https://diviproject.org/