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Ridivi Fintech solution for fiat currencies

By Rafał - 2019-09-07

After a long-term consideration , the Divi team chose to open new horizons in their ecosystem with the addition of a new possibility : the remittances area. Remittances company in Costa Rica, called Remesas Instantaneas (now rebranded as Ridivi) created by two very bright guys named Yann and Stephan, who have spent the last two years perfecting the ultimate remittance platform to compete head-on with Western Union and other established competitors is an amazing addition to the Divi Network and bring a lot of opportunities for the future of both entities.

The features

  • One-click bank fiat bank accounts (USD and EUROs) in our mobile and desktop apps , up to $1500/mo transfer
  • One-click fiat-to-DIVI and DIVI-to-fiat, on/off ramps
  • Wire transfers within the wallet
  • Debit Cards

The metadata technology built into the blockchasin is ideal for fiat/crypto features. It can be used to connect a DIVI or BTC account with a bank account and the keys to access it, so that apps can make easy exchanges in the background. The main goal is to eventually bring fees close to zero, to offer a new financial world.

The benefits for Divi

Education: Ridivi’s focus on customer service is perfect for crypto education. People can learn how to use apps and how they can stay safe online.

Rebates: DIVI will be used for fee rebates. Users will receive back a part of their fees in Divi (it can be time-locked for a year or two). The DIVI currency will also be usedd for prizes and contests.

Discounts: Clients discounts for using DIVI instead of fiat.

Metadata: DIVI will be used as a utility token to pay for the registration or modification of all that data in the DDNS (Decentralized DNS). Moving fees into the metadata realm, where real value is added, is also what allows Divi to remove or reduce transaction and exchange fees in their vision.

More information at https://diviproject.org/