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RYON is officially live on the Nodebuilder

By Rafał - 2019-01-06

Long awaited Project RYON (Run Your Own Nodes) developed by Apollon is officially live on NodeBuilder.
RYON allows users to control cost of their masternode hosting. From now NodeBuilder users can set up masternodes on their own VPS. At the moment RYON supports Digital Ocean and Vultur. If you want to know more check "Apollon RYON demonstration" video below.
RYON will cost $1.29 per masternode per month with one-time set up cost of $2.99 per masternode.
Apollon is running a 6-week promotion. For 2 weeks from today RYON set up is free and monthly service fee for one year is only $0.79 per masternode.  Next 4 weeks set up fee will be $1.99 per node and monthly service fee for one year will be only $0.99.
RYON will cost $1.29 per masternode per month with a one-off setup cost of $2.99 per node. Assuming a customer can ‘stack’ 5 masternodes on a single $5 VPS, it can potentially reduce the cost of running a masternode down to only $2.29 per month per node
Also, from today users can run NodeBuilder via web however, using web version will require some manual editing of .conf files. You can find Web platform here: https://platform.apollon.one.
More details about Apollon project you can find on their official website: https://apollon.one.